Two men on roof in Hawaii maintaining residential air duct cleaning

Homeowners often overlook the cleaning of their home’s air vents. Even in Hawaii, where the air seems cleaner, vents tend to build up dirt, dust, pet hair, and more over time. If you purchased your home from the previous owner and did not clean the vents, the chances are good that it has been a while since those ducts were clean. That is where Hawaii Indoor Air Specialists come in. We service a variety of AC brand, such as:

Benefits of Cleaning Home Vents

There are many excellent reasons to schedule a cleaning of your residential HVAC system:

  • It clears out particle buildup in the vents that could be spreading throughout the home
  • It helps your system run more efficiently and prolongs its life
  • It reduces the chance of developing a cold or allergy attack
  • It can lower the cost of running the air conditioner or heating system

Our HIAS technicians use rotary brushes, pressure hoses, and more to get even the most stubborn particulates out of your vents. All you have to do is schedule the cleaning, and we will bring the tools with us.

When to Have Your Home Vents Cleaned

Residential vents may only need cleaning once every couple years. However, if you have pets in the home, your vents may need to be cleaned more frequently because it is easier for pet hair to build up in the ducts over time.

Another time when you should have the vents of a home cleaned is when you move into a home that was occupied by a previous owner. If you do not know the last time the vents of your home were professionally cleaned, today is a good time to schedule a visit with our technicians.

As of this year, we have improved the indoor air quality for over 25,000+ satisfied residents of homes, apartments, and condominiums. You can trust that your friends at HIAS will provide you with quality-driven service with integrity and ALOHA.

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Townhouses
  • Single-Family Homes
  • Federal Housing

The Cost of Residential Vent Cleaning

It can be difficult to determine the exact cost of a residential air duct cleaning. Each home is different, and you may only want certain vents cleaned and other ducts left alone. The final cost ultimately depends on the areas you want to be cleaned. Our team can provide you with a custom quote for our service — our prices are upfront so that you do not have to worry about any hidden fees.

Professionals Can Help

At HIAS, we understand the importance of clean air when it comes to the health of your Ohana. To get a quote or find out what kind of services we can provide for your residential air vents, call us today at 808-626-4774.