Preparing for your Duct Cleaning Appointment

A professional from Hawaii Indoor Air Specialist prepares for a duct cleaning at a client's home

Over time, your air ducts can collect dust and other contaminants like pet dander, bacteria, mildew, and even mold spores. To keep these harmful particles from being circulated throughout your home, it’s important to have your air ducts cleaned by a professional. Once you’ve scheduled a service call, you can perform some duct cleaning prep to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to prepare for duct cleaning, so you can have everything ready to go before your technician arrives.


What to Do Before Your Duct Cleaning Appointment


It’s a good idea to take care of some duct cleaning prep before your scheduled duct cleaning appointment. That way, when your technician arrives, they can work efficiently to get the job done.


Clear Some Space Ahead of Time for Duct Cleaning


Duct cleaning equipment takes a lot of space, and if you’ve got furniture in the way, it’ll slow the whole process down. A little duct cleaning prep goes a long way in making the process run smoothly. Ask how much space is needed around your registers, air conditioner, and furnace. If you’ve got furniture or other objects in the way, simply move them aside so your technician can access your air ducts.


Keep Your Children and Pets Safe


If you have pets at home, it’s a good idea to inform your technician ahead of time. During the duct cleaning process, you’ll want to keep your pets safely secured in a room or other spot until your technician is done. During your duct cleaning prep, consider whether you could have one room cleaned first, so your pets can be safely kept inside until the process is complete. Another option is to remove your pets from the home when it’s time for your scheduled appointment.


It’s also important to think about how you’ll contain small children while your air ducts are cleaned. Consider whether they’ll be at school or daycare and if they’re at home, prepare a way for them to safely stay out of the way of the duct cleaning equipment. Some children enjoy watching the process, while others may be sensitive to the sound and commotion it causes.


Should You Stay or Should You Go?


You can stay during the duct cleaning process, or you can choose to leave until your technician has completed their work. Air duct cleaning can be noisy, and pets and small children may not like being in the home while the high-powered vacuum runs. Most technicians don’t mind whether you stay home or leave. We just like to be informed about it ahead of time.


What to Do When the Duct Cleaning Professional Arrives


Once you’ve completed your duct cleaning prep and your technician arrives, ask to give them a walk-through of your home. That way, you can point out the registers in each room as well as any safety measures you’ve taken to protect your home during the process.


If you decide to leave during the duct cleaning appointment, make sure you show the technician how to lock up when they’re done. Ask any questions before you leave, and make sure they don’t need anything from you before they get started.


HVAC Duct Cleaning in Hawaii


A little duct cleaning prep goes a long way in making the duct cleaning process run smoothly for your technician. By clearing some space and keeping your pets and children safe, you’ll make it easy for your technician to access all the registers, as well as your air conditioner and furnace.


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