Central Air Duct Cleaning

You might be surprised at what the inside of your air duct looks like. Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate very quickly when routine cleaning isn’t performed. Often, particulates and moisture mix on the porous fiberglass surface of your air ducts and create mold and mildew. These contaminants are then pushed throughout your home, decreasing the overall quality of your home’s air and potentially causing health issues, especially for those with existing breathing problems such as asthma or allergies. Small particles like these aren’t the only contaminants you might need to worry about either. Your air ducts are sizable, after all, and may be home to all sorts of buildup you might be unaware of. Some other foreign contaminants might include birds, rodents, and mites entering from the fresh air intake. In short, the list of potential pollutants that could be hiding out in your air ducts right now is nearly limitless.


Fortunately, the professionals here at Hawaii Indoor Air Specialists have the experience, tools, and know-how to remove each and every one. From small, invasive particles like mold, mildew, hair, dust, and pet dander to rodents, bird nests, and more, we clean your central air ducts thoroughly to ensure the air quality within your home remains high. We perform source removal of all contamination present in your airstream, provide ductwork treatment and encapsulation. This means we not only remove contaminants that are already present but that we treat your ductwork to discourage the accumulation of debris in the coming months.

To ensure we’re able to significantly reduce the presence of contaminants during a central air duct cleaning, we stick to a tried and true process. First, our air quality specialists take the time to properly inspect your air vents for blockages, damage, and other factors that impact the cleaning process. Then, we used high-powered tools to remove dust, dirt, and other blockages from the system, along with other specialized equipment depending on the type of debris we’re dealing with. After this, we re-inspect the vents to ensure that the work we’ve done lives up to HIAS’s high standards. Then, we treat and encapsulate your air ducts to keep other contaminants out for as long as possible.

Because air ducts can be a bit hard to reach, cleaning them properly can be a challenge. The pros at HIAS have the experience necessary to get the job done right and the dedication to complete a thorough cleaning without cutting corners. Trust our NADCA trained technicians to professionally restore your air ducts to safe and healthy breathing conditions.


Split AC Cleaning

In previous decades, split air conditioners could mostly be found in homes across Europe and Asia. However, they’ve become popular in homes across the United States in more recent years thanks to their efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. However, because they’re so new to the U.S. market, few air quality specialists and even fewer homeowners know how to clean their split AC units properly. Fortunately, we specialize in central air duct and split air duct AC cleaning at Hawaii Indoor Air Specialists.

Split air conditioning systems should be maintained on a similar schedule to central air systems. An annual or twice-yearly service will help to upkeep system efficiency and indoor air quality. Although split AC systems are ductless, they still have many parts that can harbor mold and bacteria. Not only does this impact the air quality inside of your home, but buildup that’s left in place too long also harms your split AC system’s efficiency and shortens its lifespan over time. For these reasons, you must hire a team of professionals for proper, regular cleaning services.

While there are some things you can do to keep your split AC system running smoothly between visits by professional cleaners (such as changing your filter and wiping off the outside of the unit), the bulk of the job should be left for the qualified technicians at HIAS. That’s because, to clean your machine properly, it may need to be un-assembled somewhat and then put back together properly. HIAS specializes in cleaning all parts of your AC that touch the air you breathe. Besides cleaning the filters, your evaporator coil, fan blower wheel, drain pan, and condensation line are all major components that should be cleaned regularly.

Why Choose Hawaii Indoor Air Specialists

At HIAS, our passion is providing members of our community with clean, fresh air inside their homes, and we seek to do that by eliminating existing pollutants and then controlling them at the source. We’ve been working in Honolulu and surrounding areas for over two decades. In that time, we’ve become familiar with the challenges that local humidity, weather, and heat pose to your home’s air quality. We approach every cleaning job with these details in mind and choose our tools accordingly so you know you’ll always get the right results for your Hawaii home.

To best work with all homeowners within our service area, we specialize in cleaning a wide variety of machines originating from a range of high-end brands and less commonly known brands alike. This way, we can ensure we’re giving each homeowner the best possible results according to their individual central and split AC systems. We’re constantly updating our knowledge, technology, and skillsets to keep up with the ever-changing world of home cooling tech and provide better service to every customer. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve cleaned all brands, including Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, LG, Daikin, and Friedrich, and that collection of noteworthy names continues to grow with each year.

If you smell an earthy odor coming from your unit, weaker airflow, or reduced cooling efficiency, it may be time to consider split AC cleaning. When the time comes, we’ll be here to handle the cleaning process quickly, thoroughly, and with a professional, lasting touch you can trust.

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Contact Hawaii Indoor Air Specialists if you’ve been noticing poor airflow, musky odors, or other problems with your ducts or your split AC system, or if you want some tips on keeping your AC system clean and your interior air quality high. We’re here to not only clean up your central air ducts and split air conditioning system but also to help you take steps to prevent that buildup from occurring again. With routine visits, treatment options, and more, we strive to make (and keep) your home’s air quality pristine and breathable year-round. Call us today to schedule a cleaning visit or to learn more about the services we offer.