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You deserve clean, pure air throughout your home, and the Hawaii Indoor Air Specialists are here to provide residents of Honolulu with exactly that. During our 20+ years of service throughout the area, we’ve learned to tackle the unique air quality challenges that the humid tropical air of this world-renowned city has to offer, meaning we get the job done quickly, but more importantly, that we get it done right. Our team of experienced air quality control professionals is here to help you restore clean, fresh air to your home today.

HIAS Air Duct Cleaning


Dirty air ducts are by and large the number one cause of air pollution inside most homes. Cleaning air ducts is a difficult job without the right tools and experience, so the chore is often overlooked by homeowners. HIAS is here with advanced duct cleaning technology and techniques honed over our decades of service throughout Honolulu and the surrounding areas to completely clean out your ducts, no matter how much buildup has occurred.


Our process is a simple yet effective one:


  • Experienced professionals thoroughly inspect your ducts
  • Cleaning with various agitation devices and source removal occurs
  • Harmful particulates contained with highly filtered HEPA vacuums
  • A technician performs a follow-up inspection


We inspect your ducts to check for signs of damage, clean your ducts thoroughly, and then take another look to ensure the job is done according to our high standards. We’re only happy when your air ducts are truly clean and clear of dust and debris.

Beyond Air Ducts


While dirty, clogged air ducts are by far the most common cause of poor air quality within a home, they’re not the only possible source. That’s precisely why our air purifying services extend beyond air ducts to embrace other parts of your home as well. In order to truly eradicate indoor air pollution within your home or business, we offer additional services such as dryer vent cleaning and bathroom exhaust cleaning.


Even when you clean out your lint trap with every cycle, lint will build up in your dryer vent over time. When this occurs, it makes your dryer less efficient and leads to a significantly increased potential for dryer fires to occur. We solve the issue of lint buildup by using a combination of compressed air agitation devices and positive air pressure to remove blockages in the vent. Whether your vent is clogged by lint, bird nests, or even pests, HIAS is here to set the matter straight for all homes in Honolulu.


Bathroom exhaust fans pull moisture out of the bathroom, thus preventing damage to walls and other water-sensitive bathroom additions. However, exhaust fans also pull in dust, hair, and other debris, making them less effective over time and contributing to the spread of pollutants throughout your home. Our team of professionals can quickly and thoroughly clean bathroom exhaust fans to return them to optimal working order in no time.

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If you’re a home or business owner in Honolulu and you’re ready to enjoy clean, healthy air, contact Hawaii Indoor Air Specialists today. We’re here to ensure your building’s air is clean and pure so you, your family, or customers can breathe easily.


Ewa Beach


For over 20 years, the Hawaii Indoor Air Specialists have provided residents and business owners in Ewa Beach with air duct cleaning services that help keep buildings’ interior air clean and allergen-free. Our goal is to use every tool at our disposal alongside our combined extensive experience to ensure unbeatable air quality in the homes of all of our customers throughout the islands. Because we’ve worked closely with the community of Ewa Beach for decades, we know the challenges homes and businesses in the area face in regards to air purity. We know how to tackle those issues head-on to give you the results you need and deserve.

Air Duct Cleaning in Ewa Beach


The biggest deposit of allergens in homes or businesses with a central HVAC system is usually the air ducts. Even with regular air filter changes and other precautions taken, dirt, hair, dust, and other debris builds up in ductwork over the years. Cleaning air ducts without the proper tools and techniques is difficult and ineffective, which is why we’ve stepped in to offer our expertise. We use the latest technology to take on blocked, dirty air ducts to ensure you’re left with nothing but clean air. Our technicians follow a simple yet effective process to ensure the job gets done right:


  • Thoroughly inspect the ductwork for damage (rips, cracks, etc.)
  • Clean the ducts using HEPA filtered vacuum technology
  • Perform another inspection to ensure ducts are clean


We’re not happy until your ducts meet our high standards, and our technicians will perform as many cleans as necessary to get your ducts back into optimal shape once more.

Bathroom Exhaust and Dryer Vents


Clogged bathroom exhaust fans and dryer vents also contribute to indoor air pollution. Over time, both of these ventilation systems become clogged with dust, lint, dirt, and hair. This not only makes bathroom exhaust fans and dryer vents less effective but also contributes to the spread of these unwanted particles throughout your home. A clogged dryer vent also leads to a higher likelihood of dangerous dryer fires occurring within your home.


Fortunately, HIAS is here with the equipment and know-how necessary to nip these issues in the bud before they can become truly dangerous. By thoroughly cleaning debris from exhaust fans and clearing dryer vents using a combination of pressurized air and positive airflow, we keep your appliances running smoothly and safely while promoting excellent indoor air quality throughout every corner of your home.

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If you’re ready to breathe easy within your home or business building, Hawaii Indoor Air Specialists are here to have your back. Contact us today to learn more about our service, about why indoor air quality is so important, and how we aim to give you the cleanest air possible in Ewa Beach.